Last updated on 15 July 2021, 9 June 2020

GP Practices Buckling In Covid-19 Aftermath

Stuff, 9 June 2020

Coronavirus: GP practices’ finances hit by drop in patients during lockdown

NZ City, 10 June 2020

GP practices are still struggling after the lockdown

NZ Doctor, 17 June 2020

Southern tourist town practices miss out on rebound – elsewhere, patients piling in

National Business Review, 18 June 2020

GPs expect 10-40% revenue hit from lockdown dip. If pent-up need leads to a patient tsunami, practices could struggle.

Stuff, 30 June 2020

GPs’ financial strain a function of funding system, researcher says

NZ Doctor, 13 July 2020

Burdened by testing, general practices cut back video consultations – survey

National Business Review, 31 July 2020

Are GP-run practices an endangered species? Nurses’ pay gap and Covid-19 strains compound decade of underfunding

Stuff, 13 August 2020

Coronavirus: GPs faced lack of funding, equipment needed for tests – study

TVNZ News, 14 August 2020

GPs feeling frustrated with issues around community Covid-19 testing

NZ Doctor, 18 August 2020

GPs frustrated over testing in lead-up to lockdown

NZ Doctor, 4 September 2020

COVID-19 survey: Patients concealing respiratory symptoms until consultation room

Stuff, 4 September 20

Coronavirus: GPs ‘battle weary’, one threatened for asking patient to wear mask

NZ Doctor, 4 September 20

‘Everyone is irritable’: Covid-19 at the GP practice

NZ Doctor, 21 September 20

COVID-19 survey: Practices having to buy own PPE

Radio NZ, 23 September 20

Family doctors upset by PPE supply issues

NZ Doctor, 1 October 20

DHB seeks to restrict COVID-19 testing – university survey

NZ City, 1 October 20

Already fatigued general practices are reporting significant and severe strain as a result of Covid-19

NZ Doctor, 30 October 20

Eight months into pandemic and PPE access still troubled, university survey finds 

NZ Doctor, 18 November 20

After eight months of pandemic, Auckland University study finds PPE for practices still not plain sailing 

NZ Doctor, 25 Feb 2021

Yes to jabs at special COVID-19 vaccination centres, no to pharmacies – survey

NZ Medical Journal, 9 July 2021

Making sure the New Zealand border is not our Achilles heel: repeated cross-sectional COVID-19 surveys in primary care

NZ Doctor, 15 July 2021

Canaries in the COVID-19 coalmine: Border study a wake-up call to listen to general practice